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Why Indo Global Studies?

Committed to Excellence

Indo Global Studies, with it's experience in recruiting students for over a decade, has established several diversified recruitment opportunities for foreign university. With our network of agents, we reach students in the furthest parts of the country with a return on investment that is unmatched. 

We employ a highly skilled workforce to assist in student recruitment and academic collaboration services. Our counselors and advisors  have either studies abroad or have worked in the industry for at least 3 years, allowing us to market your programs to our students effectively. Our admissions team also handles all admissions related paperwork with a pre-screening option to deliver you students that best fit your admissions requirements.

Indo Global Studies organizes multiple summits and targeted tours in India during visits of university representatives from partner institutions. We handle all end-to-end logistics for university representatives  - from creating an itinerary to organizing a student interaction at multiple high-schools and colleges. 

With a vast network of Indian universities established from our prior partnership with The Indus Foundation, we help facilitate university partnerships in India to establish twinning programs.