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Business analytics is the practice of evaluating data to extract insights that help organizations make better business decisions and solve problems. It is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country, with job opportunities available in virtually every type of industry.  The program also carries a STEM designation, which is important for international students who are looking for opportunities to continue training in the United States for up to three years after graduation.

Complete 12 credits in India (in 12 months) to earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics. Students have the option to continue their studies in the USA and earn an MS in Business Analytics from the University of Scranton.

1 year in India + 1 year in USA = MS in Business Analytics

About University of Scranton

Missouri State University, is a public university in Springfield, Missouri, and was founded in 1905. There are currently 26,000 students enrolled in the university across 101 bachelor's programs, 61 master's programs and 7 doctoral programs. With several accredited degrees across multiple disciplines, the university is ranked #111 for Regional Universities Midwest by US News & World Report.

U.S. News & World Report's "Best Colleges" has ranked The University of Scranton among the 10 top master's universities in the North for 28 consecutive years. In the most recent edition, Scranton was No. 5.
Several of The University of Scranton’s graduate programs ranked among the best in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 edition of “Best Graduate Schools.”

Scranton’s MBA Specialty in accounting ranked No. 14 in the nation, tying with Harvard University, Arizona State University and Ohio State University in the U.S. News full-time MBA program ranking. Scranton’s MBA specialty programs in business analytics ranked No. 29 and finance ranked No. 34 in America in the ranking published by U.S. News online March 29.



Two Step Process

Step 1  - INDIA

Complete the University of Scranton Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics online in India in the first year

BUAN 572 - Data Mining


Data mining refers to an analytic process designed to explore “big data” in search of consistent patterns and/or systematic relationships between variables and to validate the findings by applying the detected patterns involved in a variety of phases that will involve data preparation, modeling, evaluation, and application.  The instructor will provide hands-on demonstrations using a variety of data mining techniques (e.g. classification, association analysis, clustering, text mining, anomaly detection, feature selections) using widely adopted data mining software tools.

(3 Credit Hours)

BUAN 575 - Business Simulation


This course focuses on the use of simulation modeling as a tool to analyze various business applications in the face of risk/uncertainty. Students will gain hands-on experience in using an appropriate software to build simulation models to tackle applications in project management, inventory stocking policies, financial planning, and revenue management.

(3 Credit Hours)

BUAN 571 - Introduction to Business Analytics

MARCH - MAY 2025

Business analytics is widely recognized as a strategic weapon in today’s competitive business environment as being merely a supporting tool. As the gateway to the MBA specialization in Business Analytics, the goal of this introductory course is to provide an overview and exposure to the areas of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. It will combine the study of key analytics concepts with hands-on exercises in data visualization and mining, statistical and predictive modeling, optimization and simulation.

(3 Credit Hours)

BUAN 574 - Business Forecasting Models


This course deals with the study of quantitative forecasting techniques which include exponential smoothing, classical decomposition, regression analysis and Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) methodology, as well as qualitative (judgmental) methods.

(3 Credit Hours)

Step 2  - USA

Complete the University of Scranton MS-Business Analytics program on-site in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., in the second year.

Complete the following to earn an MS in Business Analytics (in the USA):

AUGUST 2025 -

- Business Database Management Systems
- Business Intelligence
- Big Data Capstone Project

- Business Analytics Using R

- Data Visualization

- Big Data Ethics

• Open to students in final year of 3- or 4-year undergraduate degree programs or graduates
• Must have a 2.75 minimum GPA in current undergraduate program
• Language proficiency: V IELTS 6.0 V TOEFL 79 V Duolingo 110 V LinguaSkills Assessment*
• No GRE required
• Statement of Purpose and Professional/Academic Resume
• One letter of reference

Certificate Program

*Administered by the Missouri State University English Language Institute

• 3.0 GPA in Certificate program courses to earn GRE waiver.
• If lower than 3.0 GPA, GRE score of 300+ is required

Certificate Program

Admission Requirements

For Working Professionals

If you are currently working in India and would like to continue gaining more valuable experience, but would also like to pursue an MS degree from the United States, this option is for you. Complete your first year in India while you work and travel to the US in your second year to complete your MS degree.

For Final Year B.Sc, B.B.A, B.Comm & B.Tech Students

The program is open too all students who are beginning their final year of their three or four year degree. B.Sc/BBA/B.Comm students who will begin their final year in August 2021 are eligible to apply to this program. Similarly, B.Tech. students who will begin their final year in August 2021 can also apply. Students who complete the first year will be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Missouri Stae University.

STEM-Designated Program and 3 Year OPT

The MS Project Management degree is a STEM designated program. That means, after completing your second year in the US and earning your MS degree, you can apply for your OPT (work permit while on a student visa) for a total duration of three years. This gives students the option to develop valuable experience of working in the United States.

Cost of Earning a Degree

The average cost of earning an MS degree in the United States (not including cost of living) is around Rs.25-30 lakhs. The Cohort Program is designed to make the MS program affordable and available to more students. The cost of earning an MS degree through the Cohort Program is approximately Rs.9 lakhs.

Cohort Benifits

IT Project Manager


Supply Chain Manager


Logistic Manager



Manufacturing Engineer in commercial aerospace industry

Possible Career Paths

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Graduate Certificate in India


₹ 15 Lakhs

Cohort Rate:

MS Project management in USA


₹ 15 Lakhs

Cohort Rate:

₹ 10.9 Lakhs

Scholarship Rate:

Total Cost for an MS Degree


₹ 15 Lakhs

Cohort Rate:

₹ 10.9 Lakhs

Scholarship Rate:

Program Cost

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