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Personalized Student Services

End-to-end higher education services customized to meet your every need

Career Advice and Course Selection

We understand the power of good advice. Which is why we painstakingly review every aspect of your academic background, hobbies and career goals to offer expert advice. Good advice should not come at a cost - it's always free!

Application Assistance

A dedicated advisor appointed specially for you will help streamline your application process. Our centralized application system makes it easy to apply to any number of universities with just a single app source.


Your appointed advisor will guide you through the visa process - from filling to filing the visa application. For US applications, we help make SEVIS fee payments and fill out Form DS-160. Our most valued service offered is the personalized mock interviews to be better prepared.

Pre-departure Orientation

The final step in your journey begins with a pre-departure orientation. We also partner with university student services to offer you all the needed support to begin your life as a newly arrived international student.