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Types of Services Offered

Indo Global Studies, with its experience in recruiting students for over a decade, has established several diversified recruitment opportunities for foreign universities and institutions. We offer highly specialized forms of recruitment to keep up with the changing world. We learn to quickly adapt and offer services that help foreign institutions establish a presence in India.

Twinning and Transfer programs

A targeted recruiting strategy that allows for a specialized program to be created between a foreign and domestic institution. The program will allow for students to transfer credits (for up to two years) predetermined by both parties to the foreign institution and graduate with a foreign degree. This can be done as 2+2, 2+2+2 or 3+1+2. Students enrolling in the Graduate and Post-Graduate programs of the Foreign Universities will be given Degrees and Diplomas by the Foreign Universities after successful completion of study. Transfer students will be charged the prevailing tuition fee by the Foreign Universities. Students who do not plan to go to the Foreign Universities and students who have been unable to get Foreign visas will complete their program of study in India, and would be awarded Indian Degrees and Diplomas by the Indian Institutions concerned.

Faculty and Student Exchange Programs

These programs allow for faculty and students from partnering institutions to learn from each other during visits to each others' campuses. Three basic schemes may define the nature of the faculty exchange and the responsibilities of the visiting faculty member: Research Only, Teaching and Guest Lecturer. The faculty exchange programs present a unique opportunity for interaction between Foreign universities and Indian institutions. They will create a greater bond among the concerned institutions and will be a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

Academic Collaborations

Allows for foreign institutions to offer their curriculum at a domestic institution. Academic collaboration programs between the Foreign universities and Indian institutions and organizations are aimed at meeting the rapidly growing Indian educational needs by leveraging mutual capabilities. A part of the core mission of all educational institutions is to prepare their students to compete in the global economy. These collaboration programs contribute to that goal by giving students and faculty members international experience and global perspectives

Summer Programs

A popular program that allows for domestic students to visit foreign institutions for a short period over the summer break. These programs are both academic and extracurricular in nature. Students who participate in these programs are more likely to return as a full-time degree seeking student.

Certification and Online Programs

A newer venture, this allows for students in the domestic institution to take online classes from the foreign institution and gain a valuable certificate for completed credits (both at the graduate and undergraduate levels). Certificate programs include corporate training programs, executive development programs, and management development programs.

Distance Education Programs

Distance education is an emerging global phenomenon that promises to alter fundamentally the nature of traditional education and training. The increasingly pervasive nature of the Net and the Web, and the collaborative infrastructure provided by net-centric computing have led to the growth of distance education. Many Foreign Universities have already been recognized as the largest online educational resources for students seeking quality learning experience. Now 8 Foreign Universities are in a position to offer "Blended Learning" programs in India through Indian institutions by combining a vigorous classroom experience, along with comprehensive online learning.

Managing India Office

Maintain a presence in India with minimal investment. An in-country representative for the foreign institution as well as an office would allow for greater leverage of recruitment efforts. Many universities choose to recruit in India by hiring a full time staff member to represent the university locally. However, this often requires a big investment. Through our targeted approach of representing foreign universities in India, we provide flexible options to set up a locally managed office and a dedicated staff to manage all recruitment activities.

Dr. Zaboski, University of Scranton, speaking at the American Center, Hyderabad
Dr. Murthy, Wilkes University (Dean), meeting officials at KL University, Vijayawada.
Indo Global Studies, recognized by Governors State University, for recruiting over 300 students.
Representing the University of Scranton at an student fair.
Dr. Murthy, Wikes University (Dean), visiting our associate's office
Dr. Murthy, Wikes University (Dean), visiting our associate's office
Dr. Ghosh, Rowan University, meeting with students at NRI College of Engineering, Vijayawada.
Visit by Governors State University country head to CBIT, Hyderabad.
Visit by Dr. Zaboski, University of Scranton (Dean), visit to Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.
Dr. Ghosh, Rowan University, meeting officials at NRI College of Engineering.

Current Collaborations

Foreign Universities Partnering with Indo Global Studies

Rowan University, New Jersey, USA

Indo Global Studies has been helping Rowan University to establish a twinning and transfer programs with some of India's leading educational institutions. We are currently working on creating twinning and transfer programs in the B.Tech. Computer Science, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering fields. This will allow students of partnering Indian insitutions to study two years in India and travel to the United States for an additional two years to earn a Bachelors degree conferred by Rowan University.

University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

We have partnered with the University of Scranton to manage and maintain an India office, allowing for a consistent presence in India with a dedicated representative. The representative is tasked with ensuring that the University of Scranton is able to market it's programs effectively to potential students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We handle all in-country marketing efforts and work with our network of sub-agents to recruit quality students.

Collaborations in Progress: St. Louis University, Seattle University

We are currently in progress to help St. Louis University and Seattle University establish a presence in India through our various services.

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