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Be a part of a unique experience and expand your potential


Summer programs are a great way for students to experience college life first hand. Interact with foreign students at a collegiate level and learn from college professors. These programs are designed to help students explore academic and career opportunities in the future.


Students in higher education benefit a great deal through these customized programs. Visit real life businesses and manufacturing plants, speak with employees and managers in the field and learn a great deal through theoretical and practical experiences. Summer programs are a great way to network and connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe.



Whatever your answer is, you’ll find it at Saint Louis University. We offer more than 80 camps and academies for pre-K through high school-aged students, provide nearly 500 college-credit courses, host a variety of international immersion programs, and serve as a destination for numerous conferences and events. 

Each year, SLU hosts camps and academies from June to August focused on a variety of disciplines and topics including STEM-themed programs, sports, culinary arts, theater and much more.

Engineering Camp: 

Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology students guide participants through hands-on activities in aerospace and mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer and electrical engineering, civil engineering and innovation and entrepreneurship in engineering. Participants also hear from guest speakers who are engineers and researchers working in the field, take an off-campus field trip to a site in the engineering industry, compete in engineering-based challenges and explore Saint Louis University.

Aviation Summer Academy: 

During the academy, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology faculty, certified flight instructors and student mentors guide participants through hands-on activities in subjects that include flight science, aviation management, aerial navigation, aircraft design, unmanned aerial vehicles and air traffic control. Academy participants also take flights in Saint Louis University airplanes with our certified flight instructors, participate in off-campus field trips and explore SLU’s campus.

Robotics Summer Academy: 

During the Virtual Robotics Summer Academy, high school students build and program their own robot from the comfort of their home while receiving virtual instructions in real-time from Parks engineering faculty.  At the end of camp, students will have their own functioning robot to keep! Academy participants receive instruction from electrical, computer and mechanical engineering faculty and have the opportunity to e-meet other high school students interested in robotics.

Summer Civil Engineering Experience: 

Saint Louis University will offer a Summer Civil Engineering Experience for rising high school juniors and seniors from the St. Louis region. Students will work with civil engineering faculty and student mentors to learn about an array of civil engineering sub-disciplines through modules and hands-on activities. Attendees will gain new insights to structural, environmental, water resource engineering and more. They will also acquire skills that will help them succeed in a collegiate engineering program. In addition, students will get to spend time as a SLU student, enjoy the campus and meet other students with an interest in civil engineering. 



Build a Program to Fit Your Needs

Today's universities and employers are looking for young people with cultural competence and leadership abilities. Missouri State University offers a unique opportunity for youth to develop these skills in an innovative and impactful program called Global Leadership Academy, which is open to international and U.S. youth. This summer camp is held on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, and at Camp Arrowhead, the oldest Boy Scout Camp west of the Mississippi River.

Global Leadership Academy offers life skills and leadership development with a focus on preparation for U.S. college life, global leadership, and outdoor leadership and conservation. Participants focus on building these skills through preparation for the SAT, college resume developing, public speaking, team building, service learning, sustainability, and environmental conservation. The program promotes the three pillars of Missouri State University’s public affairs mission: Cultural Competence, Ethical Leadership, and Community Engagement. During the 2021 season, campers can choose to participate in one, two, or all the sessions offered.

The sessions are: 

  • Session 1: Introduction to U.S. College Life 

  • Session 2: Introduction to Global Leadership  

  • Session 3: Outdoor Leadership and Conservation

Participants with an expectation of excellent behavior and academic skills. Workshop staff from a wide range of different countries give you a chance to learn from first-hand experience how people think, act, and lead from different perspectives across cultures.  Packing over 150 hours of leadership, language, and cultural immersion experience into three 2-week sessions, the program delivers measurable results in a very short time. 



Develop a Start-Up, from Idea to Launch

This program is specially designed for schools students aged 12-16 years old, to help them turn their ideas into projects on a global platform. Designed around the theme of exploration, students will explore their interests and passions, investigate problems they want to solve and initiate projects to validate the need and value of their ideas. Focused on experiential learning and a unique methodology, students are guaranteed a memorable learning
experience that is both relevant and enjoyable. The camp provides intensive out-of-class experiences to immerse our most motivated students into the
global entrepreneurial ecosystem and help them build key skills. Through these higher dosage offerings,
students build relationships with like-minded peers and gain from deep learning opportunities.

Components of the Program:

  1. Design Thinking Camp: Learn the basics of design thinking and taking on a societal problem and apply the design thinking process to it to find a solution

  2. Lean Startup Camp: Learning about Silicon Valley’s most trusted startup model of “Lean Startups” and applying it to the problem you are solving through Design thinking

  3. The launch pad: At the launch pad, students will lean to converting the solution of the problem they have worked on by applying design thinking and lean startup into a full-fledged business model

  4. Web development using WIX and Strikingly: Students will learn to build web app using WIX and Strikingly Applications, they will bring their solutions they have worked on during the camp online through WIX and Strikingly

  5. The Shark Tank: Students will present their business ideas and web apps to 5 Singaporean CEO’s and Entrepreneurs in a shark tank style set up of Business Pitching Session.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Connect to successful global entrepreneurs

  • Create a peer group of like-minded talented students

  • Provide exposure to entrepreneurship and Singapore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Help students build the skills they need to become entrepreneurs

  • Making them learn that entrepreneurship is more than just starting a new venture – it’s a life skill

  • Tackling societal problems by identifying the causes and designing unique solutions validating key assumptions

  • Learning basic concepts of design thinking

  • Learning Lean Startup Model of Entrepreneurship

  • Learning to Build a web application through WIX and Strikingly software’s

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