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About Us

Indo Global Studies is one of India's leading education service providers, recruiting for over 200 educational institutions globally. We help students aspiring to study in the U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand. We are dedicated to providing services to Indian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them.

We pride ourselves in being a respected and highly professional organization, providing honest guidance to Indian students seeking higher education overseas. Rendering services since 1999, we have been recognized by various Indian and global educational institutions. A large number of students have put their trust in us and have been successfully placed in various institutions around the world.


Our Mission and Vision

Know our guiding philosophy

Following are the guiding principles for the working of our organization. We consider these principles as supreme. We try to observe these principles both in letter and in spirit at all times.

  • Provide the highest quality in educational services to students and institutions.

  • Maintain a high standard of transparency and value for our clients.

  • Act in the best interests of students and institutions at all times.

Mission: The Indian sub-continent is home to more than 1 billion people, nearly one sixth of the World's population. Indo Global Studies is an organization dedicated to empowering the students of India for accessing the best educational and career opportunities in India as well Globally.

Vision: To empower students of India with access to the best educational and career opportunities in India and internationally with the highest levels of ethics and transparency.



Serving both students and institutions, locally and around the world

Centralized Application System

Effective recruitment requires efficient transfer of knowledge and paperwork between the student and institution. All requests for information, application forms, etc. are served by Indo Global Studies, thereby saving students the effort and expense in protracted correspondence with universities.

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Test Preparation

As part of the journey to study abroad, our team of experienced trainers have helped students help students be prepared to take tests such as, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.

Financial Preparation

We provides students with realistic estimates of the tuition, living and other hidden expenses. This helps the students to better project and manage their financial responsibilities. They are made aware of the extent to which financial assistance, if any, is available to them as foreign students.

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Student Visa Submission and Counseling

A large number of students fail to clear the visa process due to poor preparation. Indo Global Studies prepares students for their visa interviews to ensure a higher rate of success. We offer extensive visa counseling and holds mock interviews to prepare students for these interviews.

Pre-Departure Counseling

Our pre-departure counseling will ensure that foreign universities receive students who have reasonable expectations and are better prepared to deal with the changes. It also ensures that students are better prepared academically, socially and financially, by the time they arrive on the campus.

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Other Services and Benefits

Indo Global Studies helps foreign institutions with targeted recruitment options. In the past, we coordinated visits to India by faculty/staff of American universities for seminars and presentations. We also organizes information seminars on behalf of the foreign universities.

Visit by Rowan University to IGS Office
Indo Global Summit
Visit to PSB Academy (Singapore)
Visit by Wilkes University
Press Conference for Rowan University and American University (Malta)

Indo Global International Advisory Board

Mark Kopenski

President and CEO, Global Student Recruitment Advisors

Abby J. Love

Assoc. Director Intl Admissions, Wilkes University

Gerald C. Zaboski

Vice President for Enrollment Management & External Affairs, University of Scranton

Gokhan Alkanat

Director of the International Center, Rowan University

Brad Bodenhausen

Associate Vice President International Education and Training, Missouri State University


Our Mentors

"The Indus Foundation and Indo Global Studies exist to help students and institutions find avenues of collaboration and working together in global world. We are proud of our work we have done over the years and strive for continued educational excellence without borders."

Mr. S.B. Anumolu, IPS (Retd.)

"With its vision of connecting students in India to quality education both locally and around the world, Indo Global Studies is an organization that has pushed the envelope in education and service to mankind. I wish Indo Global Studies all the best! "

Mr. C.D. Arha, IAS (Retd.)


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